Sunday, June 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 sales started officially in 150 countries of the world on April 11, 2014. It should be remarked that South Korean giant’s new model was originally represented in the mobile technique MWC exhibition in Barcelona. A few words should be said about key features and price of newly released device.

Information covering Samsung Galaxy S5 mass sales start was posted on the firm’s official site. “Samsung Galaxy s5 are available for purchasing in the brand and partner shops,” South Korean manufacturer reports. The newly made device has updatings that really worth to be mentioned, among them heart rate monitor, fingerprints scanner and camera can be named. Fingerprints scanner can store information about three fingers in new smartphone memory. This scanner will help to enter so-called Samsung Galaxy S5 “private zone”, where ultra-confidential files and programs will be kept. Besides the scanner assists the device unblocking and helps to confirm some payments from a mobile device.

New Samsung device's camera it marked by its 16mp matrix, the hybrid autofocus is borrowed from reflex cameras at that. Ultra-saving battery rate (you can possibly activate this option) undoubtedly makes the model brilliant in the eyes of users. The tests proved that the glorified Korean's new product possesses an increased speed and 4G LTE Internet connection quality (comparing with IPhone 5S). Besides, Samsung Galaxy S5 device hold out about six hours in continuous video replay mode during the tests, that is 20% longer than its chief Apple rival.

The new Samsung product has a special waterproof cover and 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. To match the device Samsung releases Gear Fit strap with passometer, heart rate monitor and stopwatch. The new Samsung device start price was set at about $95 but further it is likely to diminish further.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Voip Phone Service, What is It?

So, What is VoiP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The service involves converting a voice signal from a landline telephone and transmitting it over the Internet. Most VoIP phone providers provide customers with a wide range of services at a lower amount than using a traditional phone service. The only drawback is the requirement of high-speed Internet access to make calls.

Many people are using phone services that require Internet access because of saving on money. Examples of VoIP Phone Providers are PhonePower, and Comcast. The companies offer outbound and inbound calling. Customers can make a call to anyone regardless of their telephone service. For example, you can make a call from your VoIP to someone with a traditional landline phone. Also, the service comes with great features such as call rejection, calls forwarding, voice mail, three-way calling and caller identification.

Some people don’t like to change phone services because of having to change their phone number. However, customers have the option of keeping the same telephone number. VoIP phone providers have a basic plan and extra features will cost an additional fee. The basic plan is different for every company and each company can decide on the features selected for the plan. You want to shop around to get the best plan for a reasonable price.

Many basic plans do not include long distance services, international calling and soft phone technology. If you want any of those features, then you will have to pay extra. All and all, this type of service is usually cheaper than a traditional phone plan. Some people are hesitant to sign up because of it being a fairly new service. It is really easy to sign up and requires visiting a provider’s website. You will have to answer a couple of questions and submit the application. After signing up, you will receive a router in the mail.
If your internet service is not working, then you will not be able to make phone calls. You should keep a cell phone around in case of an emergency. Research the different VoIP phone providers and find the right plan for you.

What is cell phone unlocking?

Unlock your phone and use it with your new carrier!
unlock cell phone

What is a SIM and what is cell phone unlocking?

Regular cellular phone service providers use a serial number in your phone (ESN #) that is used by the cell phone company to identify who you are. The wireless service provider 'identifies' that a particular phone's serial number is your cell phone and knows to send cellular calls to that phone when someone dials your phone number.

A GSM cell telephone is not directly linked to you. Instead, it has a account card that can be removed , called a SIM card (subscriber information module card) and this SIM card has a serial number on it. This is what identifies you to the cellular provider.

The big difference about this is that you can put your SIM card into any compatible cell phone (mostly all modern GSM cell phones are compatible with the newer SIMs) and that phone will now act as your phone, because the cell phone service company sees your unique id or SIM inside it. It doesn't care that you've changed cell phones, it only cares is where to find your unique id # or SIM.

And now for the best part, in theory, you can put any SIM in any cell phone, the opposite is also true. Any phone can work with any SIM card. So, if you've already bought an expensive cell phone that you like and know how to use well, if you change from one GSM cellular company to another, you won't have to change cell phones. You can keep the phone you like, and all you need to do is replace the first company's SIM with your new phone service provider's SIM.

But, some cellular providers 'lock' their cell phones, basically, their phones have been programmed to work with SIMs only on their network. Reversing that programming - unlocking your phone so it can work with any SIM - is what this article is all about. See how to unlock your phone in the full article from Travelinsider. >>>>